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Cooking Inspiration - Lee Kum Kee Dips to Sink Into

Cooking Inspiration

Lee Kum Kee Dips to Sink Into

Article_LKK Dips to Sink Into

Sit back, relax and dunk away into the finest of dips. Whether you want it creamy or spicy, Lee Kum Kee has you covered.  These are easy to make and perfect for sharing with the family (but let’s be real, you’ll really want to hoard these dips to yourself once you get a taste). 


Spicy Pub Cheese Dip

Why go to the pub when you can bring it to your home?  Keep the good times rollin’ with this deliciously creamy dip packed with zip and zang.


Spinach Feta & Dill Hummus

Rich and smooth feta with crisp spinach followed by a lingering dill will have you swooning over this masterpiece.  On top of that, this dip is packed with plant power protein - what a win!

Bacon Avocado Dip

Two powerhouses intertwined in one dip; this is what dreams are made of.  Crumbled crispy bacon sprinkled on top of a zesty avocado will soothe all your cravings.


Garlic & Spinach Dip in a Bread Bowl

This is the right way to get your serving of greens in.  The gooey garlic base creates the ultimate comfort food accompanied by a carb exterior.


Roasted Red Pepper & Sriracha Hummus

The classic roasted red pepper hummus with an added kick.  This is the way to keep things alive and funky in your kitchen.


Spicy Italian Hoagie Dip

Okay, so maybe this is not your stereotypical chip-dip combo, but this is an honorable mention that deserves to be recognized.  We are leaving this series with some fire; say hello to the Spicy Italian Hoagie Dip.  Packed with meat and spices, this will definitely awaken your palate.