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Cooking Inspiration - Recipes to Practice Your Chopstick Skills

Cooking Inspiration

Recipes to Practice Your Chopstick Skills

Article_Recipes to Practice Your Chopstick Skills

Most of us have been there; that invite to hit a sushi joint that you turn down because of a lack of chopstick skill experience.  Well, now is the opportunity to change the game.  Simply make one (or all) of the recipes below, whip out  your chopsticks and practice away.  You’ll be a pro in no-time, we believe in you.

We have all been there, but don’t let those nervous jitters get to you.  These meals are beginner-approved.  Tofu and eggplant are chopped into larger pieces which makes grasping with chopsticks an easier process.  Before you get started, remember, practice makes perfect.

Beginner: Ma Po Tofu

Beginner: Brown Braised Eggplant


Look at you, making your way up the ladder.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  This Tofu Salad and Sweet & Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl are the ultimate mixture of small and large pieces; bringing you the best of both worlds for practicing your chopstick skills.

Intermediate: Tofu Salad

Intermediate: Sweet & Spicy Tuna Poke


Feeling pretty confident, huh?  We are here for it.  You are about to rock these two pro recipes.  The soba noodles are all sorts of slippery to really bring on the challenge of your strength.  The fried rice, however, is filled with tiny bits and pieces to really test your patience for picking up the tiniest of grains.

Pro: Vegan Soba Noodles

Pro: Vegetable Fried Rice