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Panda Brand Hong Kong Style Chow Mein


Panda Brand Hong Kong Style Chow Mein


  • No Artificial Flavors Added

Welcome to Hong Kong: in a city of skyscrapers, the street stall is king. Trying the local food is a rite of passage. Inspired by HK cuisine, our chow mein is made from Hokkien style noodles with a mouthwatering hit of soy sauce, sesame oil, spring onion and sesame seeds. Pass the chopsticks.


Hokkien Style Noodles:
Water, wheat flour, canola oil, lactic acid, salt, sodium carbonate, guar gum, turmeric powder (color), alpha-tocopherol added as an antioxidant, sodium phosphate.

Hong Kong Style Chow Mein Sauce:
Water, soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt, sugar), sugar, modified corn starch, sesame oil, yeast extract, rice vinegar, salt, caramel color, mushroom powder, citric acid, xanthan gum, onion powder, white pepper.

Sesame Pouch:
Sesame seeds.

Spring Onion Pouch:
Dried spring onion.


Wheat, soybeans.

Contains bioengineered food ingredients.

Pack Sizes

11.7 oz (332 g), Paper Bowl

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