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Cooking Inspiration - Summer is coming to a close, so soak it up with these smokin’ recipes.

Cooking Inspiration

Summer is coming to a close, so soak it up with these smokin’ recipes.

Article_Summer is coming to a close

Fall is around the corner and before we hit the green button for everything pumpkin, let’s soak that summertime bliss up a little bit more.  Hit the grill before the cool winds come in with these top Lee Kum Kee grillin’ masterpieces. 

Beef Satay Skewers

Prep time of five minutes, grill time of eight minutes, followed by an evening of soaking up that savory smoky bliss that lingers on the palette.  You have the freshly chopped parsley, juicy steak and Panda Brand Sauce for Lettuce Wrap all intertwined into this rockin’ recipe.

Black Pepper Burger with Sriracha Mayo and Thai Sweet Chili Slaw

Throw the classic burger recipe to the side, you’re better than that.  Whip up this creamy, spicy, crunchy, juicy and overall awakening burger.  Forewarning though, once you try this, eating a burger will never be the same (and trust us, that is a good thing - you are upping the standards). 

Sweet Potato Burgers

Alright, meat lovers, step aside and let our vegetarian friends shine for this one.  Creamy and wholesome sweet potato embedded with an array of spices followed by some time on the smokey grill - this one knocks it out of the park.  Not to mention, this medley is packed with protein, making sure you are food coma ready once you are donezo. 

Grilled Curry Pork Chops

The pork chop is infamous, easy and exquisite.  Something that will invite your whole family to the clean plate club.  Of course, being Lee Kum Kee, we take it up another couple of notches thanks to our electrifying Panda Brand Red Curry Chili Lime Grilling & Dipping Sauce.

Grilled Salmon with Panda Brand Premium Soy Sauce
Not a huge meat eater, we see you seafood lovers, and we have quite the treat for you.  Say hello to the savory, light and lightly spicy grilled salmon. Layers on layers of flavor thanks to the Panda Brand Premium Soy Sauce, Lee Kum Kee Minced Garlic, zesty orange juice and spicy red pepper.