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Cooking Inspiration - Soup Season is Here

Cooking Inspiration

Soup Season is Here

Article_Soup Season is Here

Soup season is alive and thriving during the cooler months.  Make the most of it by following these recipes for ultimate flavor explosion.

Pineapple and Shrimp Red Curry Soup

Pineapple in soup?  Yeah, you read that right.  The most interesting of combos are the ones that surprise us with that flavor-time bliss.  Don’t miss out, this is the epitome of balance thanks to its organic sweet and spicy nature. 

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Broccoli cheese soup is the perfect way to get in your veggies without even noticing it! Our recipe for this classic dish has a secret ingredient that will have you going back for seconds - Panda Brand Sauce for Broccoli Beef. The sauce adds so much flavor to this already delicious soup. Once you try it, you won’t be able to make it any other way.

Spicy Kimchi Tofu Stew

Kimchi stew is perfect for those cold winter nights. This delicious, spicy soup is ready to eat in 30 minutes and goes perfectly with a hot bowl of rice. The secret to our foolproof kimchi stew recipe is all in the sauce, Panda Brand Oyster Flavored Sauce to be exact. Once you have a taste, you will definitely be adding this soup to the weekly rotation.

Vegan Pumpkin Chili

Straying away from animal products?  We have you covered there, too.  Check out the Vegan Pumpkin Chili - sure, it is not exactly soup, but it is still giving you that same warm and comfy feel.  Loaded with beans, vegetables, creamy pumpkin and a hint of lemongrass thanks to Lee Kum Kee’s Hoisin Sauce, this will be a favorite for a long time comin’.

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Have you ever wished you could drink your stuffed peppers? Well, this recipe is about to grant that wish. This stuffed pepper soup is loaded with bell peppers, tomato, and ground beef. The soup is finished off with our classic Panda Brand Premium Cooking Soy Sauce for the perfect touch of umami every soup needs.