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Cooking Inspiration - Lettuce Wraps - Our Favorite Sauces for Pairing

Cooking Inspiration

Lettuce Wraps - Our Favorite Sauces for Pairing

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Summer has arrived, and so has the cravings for lighter foods.  Lettuce wraps bring the low-carb, high-protein energy to fuel you up for all of your summertime adventures.  The last thing you want is to be dragged down by heavy meals, so Lee Kum Kee has served up lettuce wrap creations to satisfy your hunger and cravings. 

Lettuce Wrap with Shrimp

Lively seafood and earthy flavors intertwine effortlessly in this lettuce wrap.  Topped off with bamboo shoots, fresh mushrooms scallions and ginger, this is the perfect summertime refresher.

Pork Lettuce Wrap

Savory and light for the summertime.  Button mushrooms, hoisin and ground pork lay the tangy base while dried rice sticks add the crunch we all love.

Spicy Beef Lettuce Wraps

Lime, crunch and fresh ginger wake up  your senses in this smokin’ piece.  The simple ingredients bring massive flavor; this wrap will liven you up bite by bite.

Mushroom & Blue Cheese Lettuce Wrapped Burger

The bun is not needed, ever.  All the toppings are perfectly embedded between two crispy butter lettuce pieces, adding a refreshing component to a typically heavier-feeling burger.