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Cooking Inspiration - What Your Burger Choice Reveals About You

Cooking Inspiration

What Your Burger Choice Reveals About You

Article_What Your  Burger Choice Reveals About You

I am sure you are tossing and turning all night about this topic; wondering what your burger reveals about you.  We have good news for you, we are finally diving into this hot topic.


Plant-Based Sriracha Burger

Plant-friendly and environmentally-conscious.  While your lifestyle choices and natural sensitivity may be different than the rest of the group, you blend in perfectly. 


Spinach Mozzarella Burger

Making sure to get your greens in, we see you.  Keeping that balance of healthy and savory, all while having a good time.  You are what a lot of burger-goers aspire to be like.


Black Pepper Burger with Sriracha Mayo and Thai Sweet Chili Slaw

You are adventurous in all ways, especially when it comes to your food.  You want to maximize all of life’s moments, so why not pack on the powerhouse of wild flavor fun?


Sweet Potato Burger with Oyster Sauce

No cheese, please.  You might be the oddball of the group, but that is why everyone loves you.  You add all of the original flavors to life; reminding those around you how refreshing it is to mix things up.