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Cooking Inspiration - Mind Boggling Sandwich Recipes

Cooking Inspiration

Mind Boggling Sandwich Recipes

Article_Mind Boggling Sandwich Recipes

Before you whip up your ‘ole PB&J creation, try giving some of these recipes a whirl.  It will take your sandwich skills to the next level - guaranteed.


Onion & Bagel Sandwich
Who doesn’t love a little bagel action to get the momentum going?  Caramelized onion, crispy bacon, two sunny side up eggs and fresh arugula beautifully set into a fluffy bagel.  This masterpiece will start your day off right.


Mini Reuben Sliders

Proven fact: when things are miniature, they taste better.  If you thought typical savory reubens were good, you HAVE to give this one a try.  The ingredients are simple yet the taste is explosive.  Plus, the dollop of Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Mayo truly packs a punch.


Spicy Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich is the epitome of balance; crispy butter lettuce, acidic pickles, zap of spice followed by juicy chicken.  This is a perfectly crafted fried chicken sandwich that goes the extra mile.  This will leave your mouth watering for more.  Say hello to the new staple in your household. 


Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Leftovers are always better, right?  Make sure to use those leftovers to their full potential by using this recipe. You have crunchy, sweet, savory, creamy and juicy all rolled up into one glorious masterpiece - what else could you ever need?


Tempura Fried Chicken Sandwich

Do you like crunch?  How about juicy fried chicken?  Tangy slaw?  Well, this is the sandwich for you, my friend. This is sure to rock your world with flavor bliss: make at your own risk.


Croissant Turkey Sandwich

A classic sandwich with a twist!  Swiss cheese, tomato, olives and garlic sauce all come together for the perfect bite. It takes a mere fifteen minutes to build this meaty masterpiece.  Bite into the soft croissant and let the flavors blossom - you’ll be hooked.