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Sichuan Style Spicy Stir-Fry Sauce (Mala Flavor)

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Sichuan Style Spicy Stir-Fry Sauce (Mala Flavor)


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The key to easy restaurant flavor. Taste the unforgettable spicy flavor of Sichuan.

Made from carefully selected chili peppers, Lee Kum Kee Sichuan Style Spicy Stir-Fry Sauce (Mala Flavor) gives off the tingly, numbing sensation typically found in Sichuan style cuisine. This ready sauce is perfect for spicy dishes, such as Spicy Dry Pot and Spicy Crawfish. No additional seasoning is needed.


Salted chili peppers (chili peppers, salt), fermented soybean paste (water, salt, soybeans, wheat flour), chili bean paste (chili peppers, broad beans, salt, wheat flour), sugar, monosodium glutamate and disodium 5'-inosinate and disodium 5'-guanylate as flavor enhancers, soybean oil, salt, fermented black beans (black beans, salt, water), soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, wheat flour), water, sesame paste, spices, ginger, chili pepper powder, natural flavors, yeast extract (yeast extract, water, salt), sesame oil, shrimp powder (shrimps, salt), sesame seeds, dehydrated garlic, artificial flavor (contains artificial flavoring, onion powder, alpha-tocopherol added as an antioxidant), paprika oleoresin, xanthan gum, modified corn starch.


Soybeans, wheat, sesame, coconuts, shrimps.

Pack Sizes

3.5 oz (100 g), Sauce Pack

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