• Recipe Roasted Stuffed Turkey Roll

Roasted Stuffed Turkey Roll

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How to make it

Horizontally halve the turkey breast. Pound with the back of a knife or meat mallet to obtain two evenly sized flat pieces. Rub the turkey with Marinade.
In a pan, using 1 Tbsp. oil, saute garlic and shallots, add mushrooms, and stir-fry well. Drizzle wine. Add spinach and toss well with rolled oats to form the filling.
Sprinkle some flour onto both sides of meat, arrange filling on top, roll and tie up. Repeat this step to make another roll.
Pan-fry the meat rolls in 1 Tbsp. oil until golden. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C/350F for 20 minutes until cooked through. Cut into slices to serve.