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Recipe Korean Kimchi Fried Rice

Korean Kimchi Fried Rice

  • Difficulty Level: 1
  • Serves Serves: 1
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How to make it

  2. In a heated wok, add cooking oil and sauté the chopped onion and minced garlic until it is a little charred. Add in cooked rice and mix well (need to press down to break the rice clump). Then add in kimchi and kimchi juice to stir fry.
  3. Add in seasoning and stir fry well before serving in a plate.
  4. In addition, crack the eggs in to boiling water and cook slowly for 3 minutes to make poached eggs.
  5. Finally, sprinkle with chopped green onion, shredded seaweed and cooked white sesame to complete.  
  6. Tips: adding oyster sauce to this dish can help boost the flavor.

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