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Recipe Cream of Wild Mushroom Oyster Soup

Cream of Wild Mushroom and Oyster Soup

  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Serves Serves: 8
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What You Will Need

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Lee Kum Kee products

How to make it

  1. Use a damp paper towel to remove any dirt on the mushrooms. Cut the stems off from the dried Shiitake mushrooms and soak them in 8 cups of hot water for about 2 hours.
  2. Melt the butter inside a stock pot and sauté the onions until fragrant. Then, add the mushrooms and flour and sauté until fragrant.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients into the stock pot, including the soaked Shiitake mushrooms and water. Cook until it boils and then cook on low heat for about 30 minutes. 
  4. Let the soup to cool down for a little and then using a blender, blend all the ingredients into a thick and creamy texture. Then pour it back to the stock pot and cook until it boils.
  5. Season the soup with Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce and serve hot. 
  6. Tips: There is no need for any other seasonings! Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce is so lusciously tasty that it enhances the fresh oyster flavor in the soup. 

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