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Cooking Inspiration - Tips and Tricks for the Best Ribs

Cooking Inspiration

Tips and Tricks for the Best Ribs

Article_Tips and Tricks for the Best Ribs

Make It Nice and Meaty

This is the foundation of the meal. The very essence of what will be caressing your tastebuds. Do not skip over this momentous step of selecting the best of the best for your palette.  Keep it fresh (not frozen and packed with few to none chemically enhanced ingredients), select the cut that tickles your grilling fancy, ensure there is good meat coverage (low surface fat) and minimal discoloration.  


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Blasting the heat will only toughen up your grilling masterpiece. Low to medium heat creates juicy and tender ribs that slide right off the bone (are you drooling, yet?). Remember, patience is a virtue- all good things take time, including ribs. 


Not Everything Needs a Silver Lining

Either have the butcher take the silver skin off, or you can tackle the task yourself. Either way, the silver skin doesn’t do you any favors. The silver skin only shrinks while cooking, which makes the meat twist and turn in ways as well since it’s attached and ultimately, it can cause it to cook unevenly.  


Make It Saucy

Flavor is king. Lather your ribs with all the zing and zang to have you lickin’ your chops. Feeling like a honey garlic marinade? How about some barbecue bliss? Or are you all about some sweet and sour action?  LKK has your back with premade sauces- whew, what a time-saver.  One thing to note, save the lathering of the flavor for after the grill, for the sugars can cause burning.