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Cooking Tips - Ramp Up Your Cooking Skills with this Staple

Cooking Tips

Ramp Up Your Cooking Skills with this Staple

A chef once told me that before he hires someone, no matter the level of expertise, he asks them to whip up some scrambled eggs.  Why?  Because it is a simple thing that a lot of people do wrong. 

Lucky for you, we have some nifty tips and tricks for creating the best, most creamy, melt-in-your-mouth eggs.

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The Perfect Pan
This is the foundation, the base of what will bring your egg creation to life.  Don’t jip yourself out on this part, you’ll thank yourself later.  A nonstick pan creates the base for easily gliding. Pair this with a nice rubber rubber spatula and you’ll have no problem manueving the eggs around in the pan.


Less Is More

High-quality eggs don’t need added milk or cream. It doesn’t necessarily make them any fluffier, if anything, it makes them diluted in taste.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Using a low heat is the key to creating the ultimate scrambled eggs.  Heating up the pan too much may leave them dry and worst of all, burnt.


Butter It Up

Slab a little butter into the pan for some extra fat,  it helps the eggs to become fluffy folds instead of sticking right to the pan.


Magic Touch

Low heat takes longer, but don’t leave them there to bask on the stove alone (after all, eggs cook quicker than you would expect).  Continue to work your magic touch by stirring the eggs consistently in a swirling and sweeping fashion.  Do this until eggs are thickened and little curds start forming, this achieves the creaminess part.



Eggs continue to cook once the heat is off, and more surprisingly, once you transfer them to the plate. This is called “carryover cooking”.  Take the eggs off the heat before they look completely done, just a smidge softener than you desire, and transfer to a plate.  They will finish cooking once they are transferred.