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Marinating Tips and Tricks

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The sauce is the building block to your grilling creations.  All the seasonings and flavors are essential to creating that perfectly marinated masterpiece.  But hey, don’t sweat it.  As always, we got you covered on this to save you an extra step.  We recommend  Lee Kum Kee Panda Brand Marinades(we may be biased).  There is a wide range of sauces; a kickin’ Lemon Pepper, perfectly balanced Sweet and Spicy, zesty Triple Citrus, explosive Red Curry Chili Lime and much more.  You crave it, Lee Kum Kee has it.

Now that you have the marinade on lock, now comes the step of actually marinating your meat.  First, score the meat for ultimate absorption.  This can be done using a fork or a knife, whatever feels best for your slab.

Now, you have two options: ziplock baggie or a large baking dish.  For the ziplock baggie, place the meat into it and squeeze out all the air.  We recommend placing it on a dish to prevent any leaks happening while it soaks.  For the baking dish, place the meat in the dish and cover with plastic wrap.  Either one of these options gets the job done beautifully.  Now, let it soak, and soak, and soak (for fish, soak for less time).  The longer it sits, the more the marinade immerses itself into the meat.  The last pointer here is to make sure to flip the meat halfway through the marinating process, to make sure there is an even distribution.

Microorganisms love to proliferate, or multiply, at temperatures between 40-100F, which is why refrigerating is a crucial element of this process.  Keep yourself (and those eatin’ good with you) protected by completing this step. 

Once the marinating time is up, remove excess marinade.  Give a light pat with a paper towel to prevent any flare-ups on the grill.  While we understand you want to savor every last drop of LKK marinade, it isn’t completely safe to do so, considering there is raw meat juice.  If you want more sauce with the cooked meat later on, just take some more fresh marinade out of the bottle.