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Grilling Must-Haves

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All the Gadgets and Gizmos

Grill brush, skewers, thermometer, stainless steel tongs, burger press and if you are really feelin’ yourself, simply whip out a BBQ Briefcase to show you mean business.  This is the key to being a grilling wizard, we promise.


Make It Saucy

This one hits the nail on the head - sauces.  Lather your smokey creations with punches of flavor to achieve a maximum taste bud explosion.  Our favorite brands?  Lee Kum Kee, of course. What you need, they have (and more).  Spicy, rich, sweet, tangy… all the bases are covered.  Go ahead, browse through their selection of perfectly crafted high-quality products.  You’ll be the barbecue hero if you incorporate these sauces (which is everyone’s dream in life, right?).


Sound System

Okay, what does this have to do with grilling?  Well, everything.  The atmosphere sets the vibe.  Bump and grill to the tunes with a solid speaker.  Invest in one and you’ll thank yourself later.


Give Yourself Something to Sip On

You are grilling away next to a hot fire, so for health purposes (obviously), stay cool with a cold one.  Whether you are sipping on a nice carbonated mocktail or an ice cold beer, this will keep your thirst quenched.