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8 Tips for the Ultimate Game Night

Article_8 Tips for Ultimate Game Night

You get to a point of adulting where you want to socialize but without hitting the town (oh hi, glorious sweatpant life).  Here are eight tips to creating the ultimate game night.

Invite List

Remain mindful of the invite list.  Invite your friends who bring balance and harmony to game night. 

-         The competitive friend (with mild to no anger problems) - They will spice up the evening with their passion to win.  This passion will trickle amongst the group and have everyone dedicated to the game.

-         The positive friend - We need a positive friend at all times in our life, even when we are losing.  They can talk up the situation and person back into balance if they get bummed out from a harsh loss.

-         The type A friend - They keep the rules in check, holding everyone accountable for staying within guidelines.


Variety of Games

It is beneficial to keep an array of games depending on your energy levels (or more appropriately, drink level). 


-         Childhood Nostalgia Games (that are still fun for adults):

-         Uno - No matter what, this game gets the adrenaline pumping.  True colors come out when this game is played. 

-         Monopoly - This game is never ending, and depending on how much quality time you actually want to spend with your guest, playing this could either be a great or very poor idea. 

-         Twister - Alex, play song  Physical by Olivia Newton.  This is a whole new level of bonding, especially because this game will make you feel older than ever.  Laugh off your aging and aching body with this oldie but a goodie - just make sure to stretch before. 


-         Adulting at its Finest:

-         Cards Against Humanity - Humorous and awkward all rolled into one game.

-         Azul - A strategic short game that keeps you engaged.  Not to mention, the visual appeal is out of this World.

-         Codenames - This game puts the pressure on.  Another guessing game that will give you a sneak peak on how each other's minds operate.


-         No Board Game Needed:

-         Charades - This game is when you can see who is truly telepathic.

-         Never Have I Ever - The questions get ramped up real quick as this game progresses, which only makes it that much more fun. 

-         Pictionary - Bring out your inner artist through this classic.  Not intriguing you?  Try amping it up a notch by having the artist draw blindfolded, this brings a whole new level of confusion to the crowd. 



Whether you are opting for alcoholic beverages or are keeping this a sober evening, offer a variety of fun beverages.  Everyone likes a ‘lil something to sip on as they tune into their competitive nature. 



Food will make even the most introverted of friends crawl out of their shell for game night.  This doesn’t have to fall completely on the host, encourage game-goers to bring a finger food to share with friends. 


If you want, you can make this a game as well - whoever brings the tastiest dish, gets a surprise.  This will encourage people to actually bring something good (we all know those people who bring the gas station chips and salsa - yikes).



Turn off the television and turn up the music.  While TV is easy to throw on for background noise, it can leave your guests tuning into that rather than each other.  Play some tunes that get the good times rolling, such as classics like Michael Jackson, Queen or Journey. 



Give some incentive to the group to participate in the games. 

Whether you want the prizes to be good or humorous is completely up to you.  Tidbit of advice - wrap these prizes so they don’t know what they are.  Keep their minds wandering as they battle it out on the board game for their “trophy”.



Some games require some good ole team spirit.  Go old school by establishing team captions and let them rally the teams.  As nerve-wracking as this may be to some, it sets the tone for solid bonding.


Environmentally-Friendly Disposable Cups

If you are the host, this tidbit of advice is for you.  Treat yourself to some relaxation by avoiding a hefty clean-up.  Purchasing eco-friendly  compostable plates, cups and plasticware is not only keeping your space clean, but the environment as well.