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Ranch is evolving, taking on bold new flavors and expanding with more plant-based options, according to Whole Foods Market when revealing their summer condiment trends predictions in 2022. Beloved by 69% of U.S. consumers (Datassential Flavor 2022, Consumers that love/like it), how can manufactures revv-up this popular dressing and meet the demand for NEW flavors? Lee Kum Kee has a world of options for you!


“Successful creation and marketing of new flavor fusions will continue to deliver on today’s consumer expectations for the exotic and exciting,” as stated by world renowned Chef Robert Danhi in Prepared Foods.



Adding spice to ranch is a great option for heating up dips and salads, with 33% of U.S. consumers that love or like Spicy Ranch (Datassential Flavor, 2022), but consumers are still on the hunt for complex heat! Explore regional flavors, like Chili Garlic Sauce, a go-to condiment from the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, made of salted chili peppers and garlic.


Another way to add complexity to ranch is with Chiu Chow Style Chili Oil. Its name arising from the city it calls home in Southern China, this chili oil is comprised of deep fried, salt cured chilies and garlic in reserve oil, adding complex flavor and roasted notes to ranches. Similar to a Chili Crisp, which has gained so much popularity in the mainstream world!

From the North West region of China, Szechuan flavors are on the rise with 38% of U.S. consumers that love or like them (Datassential Flavor 2022). One ingredient from this spicy region is Chili Bean Sauce, an UMAMI BOMB made of salted chili peppers, fermented soybeans and fermented broad beans adding complex flavors to ranch.

As Sriracha becomes so prevalent to mainstream consumers, so have fusion condiments featuring this Thai flavor. Sriracha Ranch is no stranger to consumers, with 26% of U.S. consumers that love or like it (Datassential Flavor, 2022). With the dominant flavor profiles stemming from chili peppers and garlic, Lee Kum Kee offers a variety of formulas to fit your development needs.