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Signature Hot Honey

“Hot honey is the food trend we’ll drizzle on almost anything,” reports  Better Homes & GardensThis is a budding trend that’s seen +107% increase on menus in the last 4 years (Datassential SNAP! 2022), and we’ve got ways for you to leverage it!


According to Datassential Flavor 2022, 27% of U.S. consumers love or like Spicy Honey! As consumers continue to explore more complex flavors, we continue to see an increase in iterations of sweet plus heat. Mintel reports a 138% increase in spicy flavors on bakery menus in 2022, according to Food Technology Magazine. The best part? Applications are endless!



Texture! Texture! Texture! Adding Chili Garlic Sauce, a spicy and savory blend of chili peppers and garlic adds stunning texture from the particulates and a rich red color. Not to mention, an increase in flavor complexity. This is not your average hot honey!


Want more complexity? Chili Bean Sauce is an intricate combination of salted chili peppers, fermented soybeans and fermented broad beans which makes for a spicy UMAMI BOMB! Add a unique and complex heat to your hot honey with Chili Bean Sauce!


This is a given! Sriracha has shot its way up to the proliferation phase of Datassential’s menu adoption cycle with a strong consumer affinity of 37% (Datassential Flavor 2022). Sriracha Honey is a perfect pairing of sweet and spicy. Lee Kum Kee offers a variety of formulas for your product development needs.