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Dressings are a major part of American culture dining, with dressings having almost a 72% penetration on menus in the U.S. (Datassential SNAP! 2022). As global cuisines continue to peak consumers’ interests, dressings are an excellent potential to introducing new global flavors to American palettes.

So, WHY ASIAN? 40% of U.S. consumers say their last global dish was Asian influenced, as stated in a 2022 SmartBrief articleAnd affinity for Asian dressing is strong, with 31% of U.S. consumers that love or like it (Datassential Flavor, 2022).



Vinaigrettes are one of the top penetrating dressings at restaurants, with almost a 47% presence on U.S. menus (Datassential SNAP!, 2022). Try adding our Black Bean Garlic Sauce to a vinaigrette. The fermented black beans and garlic add body, rich and savory umami and help to intensify existing flavors to create a more comforting light dressing.


The most used dressing in restaurants, above all others, is Caesar Dressing, with a menu penetration of 53% (Datassential SNAP!, 2022). Creating variations of a widespread ingredient can offer high return in your innovation. Try adding a burst of Umami taste to Caesar dressing with Lee Kum Kee’s flagship product, Oyster Flavored Sauce, available in multiple formulas to suit your development needs.

Menus have been brightening up dishes with this beautifully rich, red chili oil which has seen +25% growth on menus in the last 4 years (Datassential SNAP!, 2022). Infused red chilis in soybean oil yields a red-hot fragrant Asian seasoning, excellent as ingredient for oil-based dressings.