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Signature Confectionery Sauces

Confectionery over the years have grown from guilty pleasures to now functional treats with exotic flavors entering the mainstream realm. The sweet and savory trend has dominated in recent years and will continue to grow, according to Confectionery Newsalong with consumers interest in exciting flavors while taking care of their health, making ingredient simplicity an ongoing priority in developments.

Global flavors enhance classics and manufacturers are enriching products with flavorful ingredients from around the world, as seen at the Sweets & Snacks Expo 2022 reported by SPINS. How can Lee Kum Kee help?


With the sweet and savory trend continuing to grow in the confectionary industry, it’s no doubt that 62% of U.S. consumers love or like Salted Caramel (Datassential Flavor, 2022). Add a bit of umami to sweets with one of Lee Kum Kee’s soy sauces, guilt-free. Simple ingredient formulas available.


Unique spicy flavors are on the rise and made some debuts at the 2022 Sweet & Snacks Expo. Which comes as no surprise, as 56% of U.S. consumers love or like sweet & spicy flavors (Datassential Flavor, 2022). Sriracha Chili made of chili peppers and garlic adds a touch of heat to Chocolates. Lee Kum Kee offers a variety of formulas, including simple ingredient for your development.


Continuing with the sweet and savory trend, adding Plum Sauce with salted plums and notes of ginger gives a unique global flair to honey. Simple ingredient plum sauce is available for your development needs.