• Pure Sesame Oil
Pure Sesame Oil

Specialty Oils

Pure Sesame Oil

Specialty Oils

Pure Sesame Oil

  • Gluten FreeGluten FreeGluten Free
    Gluten Free
  • KosherKosherKosher
  • No Added ColorNo Added ColorNo Added Color
    No Added Color
  • No Added MSGNo Added MSGNo Added MSG
    No Added MSG
  • No Added PreservativesNo Added PreservativesNo Added Preservatives
    No Added Preservatives
  • Non-GE IngredientsNon-GE IngredientsNon-GE Ingredients
    Non-GE Ingredients

Made from the finest roasted sesame seeds, this Sesame Oil is carefully processed to retain strong sesame flavor and aroma. To accent overall taste, add a few dashes to all dishes just before serving or in marinating a meal.


Sesame oil



Pack Sizes

55 gal. drum

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